My approach to nutrition is about what you want to achieve. A consultation with me involves a comprehensive, holistic assessment of your health, including: the foods you eat, energy levels, lifestyle, emotional health, sleep, physical exercise and any signs and symptoms of pain or inflammation. By exploring various body systems and organs (digestive, reproductive, immune, hormones, liver, adrenals etc.) we will endeavour to uncover the root cause of your health concerns. Treatment plans are personalised, based on research-informed practices, dietary adjustments, appropriate supplementation* (where required) and lifestyle changes. We will collaborate together to establish realistic, achievable health goals.


I can also visit your home and help you swap out foods in your pantry for more nutrient-dense foods with a food-buying guide, if you are ready for a radical change! Prices negotiable depending on requirements.


*I am able to dispense a range of practitioner-only supplements that you may choose to purchase.