Jacquie has been absolutely amazing and integral in my journey towards ideal gut health. She is considerate of my environment and has always shown me empathy and kindness. My treatment plans are easy to follow, methodical and each recommendation is put forward with background information and research to emphasise the benefits and reasoning for my treatment goals. I highly recommend working with Jacquie for your nutritional journey. Her knowledge, understanding and support is outstanding and extremely beneficial.

        - Yvette


I highly recommend Jacquie - she has helped me get my endometriosis pain under control - she is knowledgeable, supportive and passionate about nutrition. Jacquie has also given me great, realistic advice for my pre-teen daughter who wanted to be a vegetarian.

        - Abbie

Jacquie was great guiding me on my vegan Journey and fitness/weight goals. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed.

      - Michelle


Working with Jacquie has been a life changing experience for me. Her open-minded, positive attitude and holistic approach has given me the strength and skills to make a long-lasting change to my life.  I really don’t know where I would be right now had I not spent time with Jacquie! I highly recommend her to anybody ready to make a positive change to their health forever.

        - Celia

I have been consulting with Jacquie for about a year now. She has set me some realistic dietary options which are significantly improving my historic gut problems resulting in much improved energy levels and general well-being. She has been extremely professional and innovative in her approach to my problems and I look forward to continuing my consultations with her in the future.

       - Merv

I can highly recommend Jacquie as a nutritionist. Her caring approach to help me understand how much my diet can affect my health has been invaluable. Jacquie's enthusiasm has encouraged me to heal through eating well, and her patient support has really made a difference.

      - Niki

I consulted Jacquie regarding health issues I was having and with her help and making changes to my diet my health has improved so much. I highly recommend Living Cure and Jacquie as a health consultant.

     - Grace

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